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Rott Ladislav, Karlovy Vary

“If you are reading this review and are considering insulating your residential building or a family home, I can only recommend this company. Believe me, you will be satisfied with the quality of work they perform.”

Vera Ben Turkia, Praha-Hlubočepy

“I would like to thank you for your friendliness and understanding that you have shown during our meetings and I would like to thank the employees for their professional approach when installing facade and for their perfect work and result.”

Milan Hrubý, Čáslav

“I appreciate the professional approach and well-done work, starting with the order placement and ending with the final clean up. I recommend the company to everyone who wants to significantly improve the look and properties of their home.”

Josef a Dagmar Halovi, Cheb

“I would like to thank the company for professional consultancy, professional approach, and for keeping all the agreed terms and conditions.”

Milan Švec, Hradec Králové

“The pleasant interior atmosphere, financial savings and a house admired by the family and all neighbours are the main reward to making the right decision. I would like to thank everyone in your company who made that possible. A great approach and communication, clean work and organization of workers.”

Hana Babjarová, Vizovice

“My husband did the construction and I delivered the material to the site. I think I must have walked about 6 kilometres and sifted about 7.5 m3 of macadam with a coal scoop. I don’t think I could do that with concrete :-). We spent about eight hours chatting with people passing by who stopped to check out the system.”

Král Robert, Benešov

“Wall constructed from the Stavoblock blocks nicely supports the garden appearance; we have chosen the plain sand colour and we are excited both by the appearance, and by material, from which the individual wall blocks are built.”

Milan Konečný, Přerov

“I would like to express my high satisfaction with the Stavoblock retaining blocks. We have used them for construction of wall to the garden pavilion and we cannon tell how easy the construction of wall was.”

Bárta, Brno

“I would like to take an opportunity to express my satisfaction with the Stavoblock concrete blocks. I was excited also by installation, which proceeded without any problem in cooperation with your technicians and the fence was completed sooner than I expected.”

Šturm, Domažlice

“I would like to thank you for construction f new concrete fence. In sand slip colour it appears to be very luxury, and what is the best, it is not only the appearance, even the material looks to be of the high-quality.”

Jiří Kárník, Praha 10

“We have the Stavoblock system and we are very pleased, particularly with its fast construction. Also, we were pleased with the fast negotiations of the order and the following communication about the details of the construction, including any potential modifications.”

Karel Měšťák

“We have used Stavoblock in reconstruction of garden at our cottage. We are satisfied both the quality of the blocks themselves, and with attitude of your company. Surely we well recommend you further!”

František K.

“We have used the Tri-Lock paving to access road to house and we must appreciate it mainly for excellent lock-groove system. We have made the road without any problem and we need not any mortar or other connecting material.”

K. Fous

“When we realised the greening of the area behind the house, we needed something to reinforce the terrain. Tri-Lock served us in it perfectly; we have laid it as the foundation, which do not provide any movement for months. In addition, the positioning was surprisingly easy, and thus we will recommend you surely.”

“Several weeks after construction of pavements from Tri-Lock elements I can only express my very positive opinion. The pavement was (however with aid of your staff) made quickly and based on so-far using also very precisely. Hold on!”

Březina Jan, BETA-PROJEKT s.r.o., Svitavy

“I would like to say a few things about the Tri-Lock material that we know very well. We hage used the system for two job orders – thanks to the satisfaction of the previous investor and its good erosion control properties. We used the system for these constructions: Okrouhlo u Prahy – used due to the large angle of slope of the retention reservoir. We had no problems with the installation. Svitavy Composting Plant – again thanks to the good erosion control properties.”

Petr Kořínek, České Budějovice

“I would like to thank you for Tri-Lock – we used it to “pave” the bank of the stream and we were thrilled how easy it was to install in the difficult-to-access terrain.”

Stanislav Zelený, Náchod

“Our municipality has decided to reinforce the challenging banks of the adjacent river by the Tri-Lock building elements. I think we cannot have better choice. Now the challenging points are "closed" and so-far we have detected no problems, with which we usually met in history, such as landfall at the bank to the river. Our thanks belong to you..”

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